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Fenugreek pills for fattening before or after eating which is better?


Fenugreek pills for fattening before or after eating

Many people are concerned about how to take fenugreek pills for fattening before or after eating. Those who suffer from thinness are looking for a lot, in addition to the fact that the fenugreek, whether it is pills or drinking, works to increase weight.

Fenugreek pills for fattening

Motkhleelon provides how to take fenugreek pills for fattening before or after eating for those looking for how to use it, as follows:

The fenugreek includes a wide range of important health elements for the human body such as potassium and calcium, and it contains vitamins A, B1, B2 and B4, in addition to zinc, phosphorous and sodium.
Fenugreek is one of the most appetizing foods, so many people rely on it, as it quickly increases weight.

They also contain dietary fibers that help open your appetite.

The fenugreek is safe for the body thanks to the elements in it, as it increases weight in a safe way.
The fenugreek also includes a group of stimulants that give the brain a signal when you feel hungry.
Studies have shown that drinking fenugreek in the morning on an empty stomach can cause hunger.
You can use fenugreek seeds or fenugreek oil for fattening.
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Benefits of drinking the ring before bed

Fenugreek pills for fattening before or after eating
In addition to knowing the fenugreek pills for fattening before or after eating, studies have proven that drinking the fenugreek before going to bed includes many benefits, namely:

Drinking the ring before bed helps us treat stomach ulcers, in addition to treating the duodenum.
The ability of fenugreek drink before bed to treat cold and flu, in addition to eliminating cough.
It is considered one of the natural appetizers that doctors advise patients with anorexia to eat constantly.
Its ability to reduce harmful cholesterol in the blood, in addition to its ability to prevent heart attacks or strokes.
It absorbs excess fat in food.
Its ability to get rid of worms in the stomach.
Drinking fenugreek helps reduce the incidence of arthritis, thanks to the fact that it contains anti-inflammatory substances.
The ability of the ring to treat any burns or wounds in the skin.
Drinking fenugreek before bed helps prevent cancer, thanks to the fenugreek’s antioxidants.
Fenugreek contains some dietary fiber that helps treat constipation, and even helps improve digestion.
Fenugreek helps men improve their fertility, and even confirm the quality of their sperm, by drinking a cup every day.
Fenugreek also helps hair problems such as hair loss, through its elements that stimulate blood circulation.
And by drinking the ring daily, it helps to make the skin pure and enjoy freshness and vitality.
One of its benefits is also its ability to treat breathing problems, because it contains substances that expand the bronchi.
How to use the ring for fattening
After getting to know the fenugreek pills for fattening before or after eating, we now know the ways to use them to obtain the required weight, and the methods are divided into 4 ways, and they are:

First method

the ingredients

1 cup hot water.
Three grams of fenugreek.
How to prepare

Boil a cup of water, then add three grams of fenugreek to it, then boil the water again for at least one to two minutes.
This fenugreek cup is taken three times a day, in order to gain the required weight.
In addition to drinking a large amount of water, it increases appetite.
The second method
the ingredients

1 teaspoon fenugreek.
A sprinkle of thyme.
1 teaspoon pistachio.
1 teaspoon raisins.
1 tablespoon of white honey.

How to prepare

We bring the electric mixer and put a spoonful of fenugreek with a pinch of thyme in it, then add to it a teaspoon of pistachios and a teaspoon of raisins.
Then add a tablespoon of white honey, and mix this mixture well.

Take 2 tablespoons in the morning and evening, and you will notice the difference in a week.
Third method
the ingredients

1 cup of walnuts and almonds.
1 cup white honey.
1/2 cup sesame.1 tablespoon fenugreek.

How to prepare

All the previous ingredients are mixed well until we get a dough, after that we form the dough in the form of balls.
This mixture is taken in the morning on an empty stomach daily for three weeks, and you will notice the difference.
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Fourth method

the ingredients

1/2 1 tablespoon fenugreek oil.
1/2 cup of water.
How to prepare

We mix fenugreek oil with water in a good way.
This cup is taken once in the morning and once in the evening, daily, until we get the desired consistency.
fenugreek damage
Fenugreek pills for fattening before or after eating
Despite the many health benefits of fenugreek, there are some harms to excessive consumption, including the following:

When consumed in excess, this can lead to many digestive problems.
Excessive consumption of it causes problems in diabetics, when it is taken with medicines for diabetics, which causes a severe drop in the level of sugar.

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