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The best pain reliever and treatment for arthritis


There are many questions about the best pain reliever for arthritis, as there are many different types of pain relievers that relieve joint pain, but each treatment is taken based on the diagnosis of the treating doctor and the severity of the pain.

As the patient’s visit to the doctor is better in such cases, because the doctor knows the causes that led to arthritis, and based on this he prescribes the correct and appropriate treatment for each case, because taking painkillers in a random manner may cause unwanted symptoms, which may affect In general on the body.

What is the best pain reliever for arthritis?

Best pain reliever for arthritis
We know with you on your website the best pain reliever for arthritis, as in the event that the infection is due to an infection, the doctor may resort to prescribing some antibiotic drugs, for example these types:

But if the cause of the arthritis is osteoporosis, the doctor may resort to prescribing some nutritional supplements in order to strengthen the joints, and also increase vitamin D and calcium, as nutritional supplements are available in several forms, including what is taken by drinking or in the form of Chewable tablets or pills, but they must be prescribed by a specialist.

What is arthritis?

In light of talking about the best pain reliever for arthritis, we first talk about arthritis, as it is a type of inflammation that occurs within the membrane that surrounds the joint, and it is possible that more than one joint may be affected, and from the joints that are affected by the knee joint and the joint of the palm of the hand .

Also, the joints of the spine, and this disease is one of the diseases that affect the patient’s performance of some daily activities that require him to make physical effort, as it reduces the flexibility of the joints and their inability to perform their functions properly.

What are the main causes of arthritis?

Before we get to know the best analgesic for arthritis, we must first identify the causes that lead to its inflammation, as it is a rise in the temperature of the joint or swelling from the inside, and this disease suffers from women more than men, and it is also It affects a large percentage of obese people, as well as the elderly, but this does not prevent young people, as well as young people, from it, but their infection rate is lower.

The reason behind the infection of a large proportion of women is pregnancy and the changes that occur in the hormones of the woman’s body during that period, and the nature of work also has a major role in the occurrence of arthritis, as if the nature of your work requires you to stand for a long time, it may become vulnerable greater for rheumatoid arthritis.

Among the causes of this disease is also infection with bacteria or a virus, as such cases affect the immune system specialized in the bones and joints, because they directly affect it, and reduce its effectiveness.

Also, bone fractures are among the things that cause inflammation in the broken place, as well as

Obesity is one of the most important causes of this disease, as friction occurs continuously in the joints, causing severe pain in the joints.

What is the treatment for arthritis?

Best pain reliever for arthritis
Arthritis treatment depends on determining the degree and location of the pain and the cause of the inflammation. Chronic pain, but there are some medicines that work to calm and relieve pain, and we will mention them to you as follows:

Diflunisal. diflunsal
But there are some doctors who advise the patient about some important things that reduce the pain of arthritis without going back to taking painkillers, and these things are as follows:

The patient should rest and not stand for long periods because this increases joint pain.
Eating some vegetables, such as broccoli, which prevents the development of inflammation, which helps relieve pain.
The use of cold water in the treatment, as this is by placing some cubes of ice on the affected place more than once a day, but this period does not exceed ten minutes.
Make sure to use a comfortable sitting position in order to reduce the excess weight on the joints.
Using acupressure or acupuncture, it helps relieve pain and improve knee function in cases of osteoarthritis.

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